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The Three Month "Thanks" Party


Sep 2, 2021

We had our “three month thanks” soirée yesterday evening. It was a wonderful event and many thanks to everyone for coming.

And we do have a lot to be grateful for. We’ve got a clear mission and ambition for what we want this business to be, the problems we want to solve in the industry and the places we want to go. But we’ve taken a risk. We’ve all left secure jobs, three of the founders from a mini-network and one from a global network, to go truly independent. Because that’s simply the only way we believe we can do what needs to be done. The right thing.

Ambition only gets you so far. We’ve got brilliant clients and partners with us. We've also got a world class team who are all in it together. As such, we’ve started way better than we ever dreamed we would - we’re probably at now, after three months, where we were after two full years at the old place, and that's without the 'support' of a parent company.

We’re 14 brilliant people (including people we’re waiting to join), and each and every one of which will eventually have a stake in the business (a hugely important principle of ours, one that’s sadly not as common as it should be across the industry). We’re making incredible work for incredible clients. And we’re already being invited to pitch against agencies that have been established for many years and that are far, far bigger than us.

But we’re a baby. We’ve only just begun. There’s so much more to come. Ups. And, of course, downs. We’re not counting anything yet. We’re just lucky we’re enjoying it.

So thanks to everyone who’s helped so far. We appreciate it, and you, more than you realise. We can’t change this industry on our own.