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Aug 27, 2021

He’s back!

At lunchtime yesterday, news reached us that LiveScore ambassador Cristiano Ronaldo wasn’t going to move to Manchester City as everyone expected, but instead was likely to complete a sensational move back to his former club Manchester United.

This was a huge opportunity for the brand - as a one of their strategic pillars is speed, the need to celebrate the move quickly was essential but it also had to be done in a way that nodded to the culture of the city and club. Essentially we couldn’t just say “Welcome to Manchester” as that had been done before, brilliantly, and was bound to be predictably trotted out again by 1001 other brands. How could we do it in a more subtle way that rewarded proper fans who understood Manchester culture?

An idea was hatched. We wrote a line, scamped it up and within an hour, had it over to the client for approval. It was loved and approved almost immediately - no mean feat given Livescore’s office was shut for Bank Holiday…

Media Owners were contacted. Sites were booked. Artwork was supplied. And by yesterday evening, just after the news was officially announced by Manchester United, we had our own celebratory message up around the city of Manchester on a dozen huge DOOH sites.

A nod to his return. A nod to the wonderful Manchester music scene (it helps that the Stone Roses are United fans). And a real celebration of his huge importance in culture.

Not a fake, mocked up poster that just ran on Twitter (we see you!). Proper culture jacking. If you’re in Manchester today, you’ll see them all over the city.

Massive thanks to Colin Rickman and the team for getting approval sorted so quickly and leaning into the idea, Susie McAvoy and the team at RapportWW (and Ocean Outdoor) for getting stuck in and getting a brilliant OOH list together at zero notice and of course the irrepressible Will Ridley for pulling it all together (and driving to Manchester last night for the below pic!).

Good Times indeed.

More photos to come.

Oh, and in case you don’t get the reference (shame on you!): https://lnkd.in/d-2apAFp