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Opinion: Power is nothing without Control

Henry Daglish

Jun 17, 2021

We’ve been vocal since our launch about our proposition and breaking work under our new ‘MX design’ proposition. We’re extremely proud of the quality of work that is coming out of the agency so soon in our life; indeed both Swyft and Virgin Bet have broken exciting MX-driven campaigns in the last week alone. However: it’s very easy to assume that an agency in ‘start-up’ like ours is simply about strategy and media planning - but it’s important to note that isn’t the case.

We buy and trade all media in-house and have made a very conscious effort to bake that capability in from launch: it’s rooted in a philosophical belief that we need to be able to deliver in market what we conceive on paper. Every stage something is ‘handed over’ there’s the potential for dilution, for loss of intent or purpose - and we believe it’s critical to protect and deliver our MX thinking as originally designed.

In the month of June alone we will have traded in excess of £1.5m of billings across multiple channels. Through working with our industry partners we are delivering MX solutions into the market exactly as they were engineered. Combining context, relevance and the emotional influence of the medium is crucial to controlling the power of the strategic thinking within the craft of the media buy. Disintermediating true strategy from a crafted media solution doesn’t work. Collaboration is one thing, but it’s a completely different thing to deliver everything from a single highly experienced, highly engaged team. This is just the start, our services will grow and grow – but that’s why we believe that there is no true ‘MX by design’ if you’re not the masters of your own destiny when putting that design into actual practice.

Admittedly few agencies of our size and age are purposely built to harness this breath of capabilities at the founder level… but then again, we aren’t here to follow conventions.