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Moving Fast: Pitching & Winning


Jul 21, 2021

It's been a big week for new business and pitches.

Firstly, we've won two biggies (secret for now, to be announced imminently)

But we've also been involved in some fascinating new business pitches. One that's particularly exciting to be involved in is a large multinational client's CRO (conversion rate optimisation) project.

As part of this, the recommendation was working with a game-changing martech business in Stockholm to use AI to dynamically create over 300(!) landing pages a month, each bespoke to where a user has navigated in from. This is designed specifically to improve the CX - making the landing more relevant and sticky - and therefore improving the overall efficiency of the business’ marketing spend (by up to 5x). This will equate to millions of dollars of savings across channels such as PPC, plus significant incremental revenue, which can be reinvested across broader brand-building / experience-driven channels.

This is a real world example of how MX works: it's not just paid media being chucked out into the ether and hoping it sticks. It's about the whole picture. It's about understanding how people really experience comms and designing a map around that: including dynamic touchpoints that sit well beyond the remit (and expertise) of regular, 'traditional' media agencies.

Things are moving fast!