Tales from the Bike Shed

Sep 30, 2022

Movember 2022 starts here

We're thrilled to be working with Movember again this year on their UK & Ireland fundraising campaign. The campaign kicks off on Monday 3rd October with an exciting UK first-to-market combined anamorphic & AR screen activation in Kings Cross powered by 3rockAR. TV launches on the 7th October with a spot in the Lionesses v USA match on ITV.

Movember also continues their longstanding partnership with talkSPORT, bringing back the Movember & talkSPORT “Shavedown Day”, driving buzz and excitement for the event with an outside broadcast in a city centre London location.

Peter Crouch is also supporting Movember again as we sponsor his infamous Podcast "Back Stronger", working with Acast to produce a branded segment around his involvement in the cause and helping Crouchy to raise money on his own Mo Space.

Finally, a strong OOH campaign with Global including bus t-sides, rears, 6 sheets and large format digital to support the campaign across October ahead of the big fundraising month. This will all be underpinned by digital activity across Video & Social.

Movember 2022 starts here

Sep 23, 2022

Bicycle announces industry-leading partnership with ViewersLogic

Today we're announcing our partnership with ViewersLogic, the innovative, leading consumer behaviour data company. From October, Bicycle will have access to the ViewersLogic platform’s single-source panel data, allowing its clients, for the first time, to analyse shopper and media insight from a single point.

ViewersLogic is the only company that provides passively collected single-source data which measures actual consumer behaviour from media consumption to purchase, across TV, online and the real-world. This unique data-set enables marketers to understand how their TV and online campaigns directly influence consumer behaviour on and offline. To date the panel has worked exclusively within the digital ecosystem, however the recent addition of Nielsen IQ's shopper data now allows for direct, single-source, measurement of media exposure on grocery purchases.

The integration between Bicycle’s in-house MX planning process and ViewersLogic will allow advertisers to optimise cross-media campaigns quickly through rapid design and simulation cycles in real-time.

Single-source data has been a ‘holy-grail’ in media planning for more than a generation. Advances in technology have now started to make this a reality and ViewersLogic’s systems are at the forefront of bringing this to market.

The use of observed data (or ‘real’ data) is still largely overlooked by media planners in favour of ‘claimed’ data (for example, Target Group Index Data) and Bicycle is working hard to bring it back to the centre of the process. ViewersLogic will play an important role in this.

For advertisers searching for the next level of growth, moving from claimed to observed data and concurrent efforts helps to improve cross-media planning. The integration of ViewersLogic with Bicycle MX allows the easy digestion of Nielsen IQ data and design simulation to run in parallel.

Bicycle announces industry-leading partnership with ViewersLogic

Sep 16, 2022

Reema promoted to Partner

We're delighted to announce that our Finance Director, Reema Patel, has been promoted to a full Partner and Shareholder of the agency, with immediate effect.

Reema's been with us since the very start and we wouldn't be where we are without her. Her talent, attitude and skill are remarkable and we're extremely fortunate to have her with us.

Congratulations, Reema!

Reema promoted to Partner

Sep 15, 2022

Bicycle is shortlisted for The Drum's 'Start-up of the Year'

We've only gone and been shortlisted for Startup of the Year at The Drum Agency Business Awards (which is a global award). It's really exciting to see that our growth is starting to get recognised at this level.

Bicycle is shortlisted for The Drum's 'Start-up of the Year'