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Bicycle is a Global Business.


Are you a global brand? One that requires cross-market activity and craves the independent spirit but believes that a bland identikit network solution is the only option available to you? Well, we've got good news for you.


Bicycle International is a fully-staffed business operating out of our Bicycle London HQ - and is the first truly global 'one stop' independent media offering anywhere in the world.

Our unique 'Open Source, Closed Loop' international model allows us to deliver centralised strategy and investment services from our UK hub and work with our clients and media-owners directly in-market to ensure best-in-class local implementation.



We are currently working across the UK, Ireland, Scandinavia, Mainland Europe, North America, Nigeria and the UAE to deliver MX solutions for our global clients, including Bitpanda, Estrid, Livescore and Terra Virtua, handling media investments in excess of $50m.

To discover more about how our global services can work for your brand, please get in touch.

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