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Founded by five people in June 2021 who believed that a better type of media agency wasn’t just possible, but needed, from a standing start we are now 38 strong (and hiring!) and handling billings in excess of £50m since launch. We are lucky enough to count Livescore, Virgin, Duolingo, Sarson's, Branston Pickle, Movember, The Royal British Legion, Tate & Lyle, Carwow, La Vie and Estrid amongst our clients.



We are the Media Experience (MX) agency. We believe that experience is the most important factor to lean into when considering communication for clients, and our unique 3X approach brings together MX, CX and UX to powerful effect in a way that other agencies simply aren’t able to deliver. We're built on the power of 'and': brand strategy and performance, art and science, data and creativity, man and machine.



Bicycle is the fastest growing media agency in the UK, and quite possibly the world. Our headquarters are in Clerkenwell, London and we have fully global capabilities in-house. We’re home to intelligent people who want to create incredible work on interesting brands. We are 100% independent, with no external investment whatsoever. And we're going to change what you thought it was possible for a media agency to be.

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